Tuscarawas County Court
336 East Third Street
Uhrichsville, Ohio 44683
Website: www.tusccourtsouthern.com

Brad L. Hillyer, Judge
Courtney Sowers, Deputy Clerk - Traffic
Jason L. Jackson, Magistrate
Cynthia Green, Deputy Clerk - Criminal
Rebecca Vermillion, Clerk
Laura Pall, Deputy Clerk - Civil
Holly Myers, Deputy Clerk - Civil
Kathy Werntz, Assignment Clerk
Courtney Sowers, Deputy Clerk - Traffic

Civil Division

The following prices reflect the Courty's current schedule of fees and costs for the Civil Division, effective May 1, 2020.

1 Def.
2 Def.
$110.00 (+Sheriff Fees)
Counterclaim or Cross-Claim
Third Party Complaint
Alias Praecipe
Jury Demand
$200.00 (payable 20 days before trial)
Appeal to 5th District Court of Appeals
$75.00 (+1.00 separate for employer)
Motion or Petition to Vacate Revive or Modify Judgment
$65.00 (no refund)
Asset and Liability
Motion for Show Cause Hearing
With Praecipe for Certified Mail
With Praecipe for Personal Service
$30.00 (+Sheriff Fees)
Household Goods
Motion to Cite for Judgment
Certificate of Judgment Lien
$15.00 (+Sheriff Fees)
Write of Restitution
$25.00 (+Sheriff Fees)
Certified Copy of Judgment Lien
Debtor's Exam
Certified Mail
Sheriff's Service
$20.00 (+Sheriff Fees)
Certified Copy of Judgment Entry
Small Claims Division
Small Claims Complaint
Each Additional Defendant